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Paid Enough? Every State’s Legislator Salary in the U.S.

Map of United States Legislator Salaries

Have you wondered what your state legislators make for a salary?

Ever care to think what the people making your laws are paid?

To be honest, not really. Although I was a bit surprised to learn the amounts.

This map shows various US legislator salaries including senators and representatives. There are full-time, part-time, as well as hybrid legislatures.

So what do legislators even do?

Good question.

Besides attending legislative sessions and voting on proposed laws throughout the year, they spend time visiting constituents, campaigning, and seeking funding from other districts. These categories of legislators will receive a varied compensation.

Full – Time

Full time US legislators have large staffs and tend to be compensated highest in the nation. As a result, these states require 80 percent or more time constituting a full-time job.

Part – Time

Part-time legislator salaries demand small staff sizes. They are often called traditional or citizen legislatures and are often found most in small population rural states.


Hybrid legislators fall in the middle. Neither Hybrid or Part time allows enough income to make a living and is usually taken upon oneself not that reason.

For a full breakdown of US legislator salaries:

StateBase SalaryPer Diem
Alabama$46,257Alabama legislators no longer receive a set per diem rate while in session. Legislators are reimbursed for in-state travel expenses which include mileage and per diem in accordance with rates and procedures applicable to state employees. All out-of-district reimbursable travel must be for official business and in the interests of the state or in the performance of official duties, as approved by the applicable presiding officer.
Alaska$50,400$275/day. Tied to the federal rate.
Arizona$24,000$35/d for legislators who live in Maricopa County; $60/d for legislators who live outside of Maricopa County.
Arkansas$40,188$155 for legislators who live more than 50 miles from the Capitol; $59 for legislators who live less than 50 miles from the Capitol.
California$107,241$192/d for each day in session.
Colorado$30,00085 percent of federal per diem for members living outside Denver; $45/d for members who live 50 or fewer miles from the capitol (V). Set by the legislature.
Connecticut$28,000No per diem is paid.
Delaware$45,291No per diem is paid.
Florida$29,697$152/d based on the number of days in Tallahassee (V).
Georgia$17,342$173/d (U). Set by the Legislative Services Committee.
Idaho$17,358$129/d for members establishing a second residence in Boise; $49/d if no second residence is established and up to $25/d travel (V). Set by the compensation commission.
Illinois$67,836$111/session day.
Indiana$25,945$173/d (U).
Kansas$88.66/day (C)$144/d.
Kentucky$188.22/day (C)$158/d.
Maine$10,131$38/d lodging (or mileage and tolls up to $38/d in lieu of housing). $32/d meals. Set by statute.
Maryland$50,330$47/d meals. $106/d lodging.
Massachusetts$62,548No per diem is paid.
Michigan$71,685$10,800/y expense allowance for session and interim (V). Set by the compensation commission.
Minnesota$45,000$86/d for senators; $66/d for representatives.
Montana$90.64/day (L)$114/d.
Nebraska$12,000$144/d for members residing 50 miles or more from the capitol; $51/d for members residing inside the 50-mile radius.
Nevada$150.71/day for legislators elected in 2016, $146.29/day for midterm legislators$142/d.
New Hampshire$200/2-y term.No per diem is paid.
New Jersey$49,000No per diem is paid.
New MexicoNone$161/day.
New York$79,500$174/d (including overnight) or $59/d (no overnight).
North Carolina$13,951$104/d (U). Set by statute.
North Dakota$177/day (C)Up to $1,682/m lodging (V).
Ohio$60,584No per diem is paid.
Rhode Island$15,630No per diem is paid.
South Carolina$10,400$202.03 (L).
South Dakota$6,000/session$144/d (L) (U).
Texas$7,200$190/d (U). Set by ethics commission.
Utah$273/day (CUp to $100 plus tax/d (C) lodging; up to $42/date meals (V). Tied to in-state lodging and meal reimbursement rates. 
Vermont723.27/week$125/d lodging (including overnight) or $69/d (no overnight).
Virginia$18,000/y Senate; $17,640/y House.$203/d
Washington$47,776/y; increases to $48,731/y eff. 9/1/2018.$120/d.
West Virginia$20,000$131/d (U). Set by compensation commission.
Wisconsin$50,950Senate—up to $115/d ($57.50/d Senators living in Dane County).
Assembly—up to $157d (including overnight) or up to $78.50/d (no overnight). The maximum number of days per year that per diem can be claimed is 90 days.
Wyoming$150/day$109/d (V). Set by legislature.
Salary breakdown

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